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Maselli Construcion Co., Inc.

Maselli Construction Photo

For nearly 60 years, Maselli Construction, located in Fairlawn, Ohio, has carried on a tradition of quality residential construction in the Summit County and great Akron  area. Tom Maselli founded the company in 1947. Tom's sons, Tim and Rick  incorporated the company in 1992, and Tim owns and operates the company today. The company specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling, room additions and all facets of home remodeling.   

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A refrigerator is a refrigerator, right? Wrong! What about dishwashers? Wrong again. There are as many different styles, models and choices of appliances, as there are people who need them. In this section you’ll find what you need to make a well informed, educated decision based on the manufacturers information provided.

Today technology has carried over into our everyday appliances. New Energy Star energy saving appliances are saving home owners hundreds of dollars a year in electricity. Add to that the new assortment of kitchen appliances that are taking up less space, such as the many different drawer style options out there, it makes kitchens the space saving, energy saving and money saving rooms of the future, here today.

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    Are the same name brand appliance manufacturers you grew up knowing still the best buy for your money? Are they even...
  • Appliance Resource
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  • Cooking
    You want your kitchen to be perfect and be able to do everything you need it to do when it comes to cooking and...
  • Dishwashers
    Do kids today even know what it was like before dishwashers were a common fixture in the kitchen, probably not....
  • Drawer Appliances
    Technically, you can't fit an entire kitchen into a single drawer, but the new drawer appliances actually do come close...
  • Hoods and Vents
    Hoods and vents are not just for culinary wizards in five star restaurant kitchens. They’re functional and attractive,...
  • Laundry - Dryers
    There once was a day designated as ‘laundry day’. These days, however, everyday can be considered laundry day in some...
  • Laundry - Washers
    There once was a day designated as ‘laundry day’. These days, however, everyday can be considered laundry day in some...
  • Laundry- All in One Washer Dryer Combos
    How would you like to Wash and Dry your close without transferring your clothes? Washer/Dryer combos not only save...
  • Laundry- Dryers (Electric)
    You have wide variety of choices when it comes to Electric Dryers. We are here to help you with your decision! It is...
  • Microwaves
    Like dishwashers, microwaves are a necessity in today’s kitchen versus a luxury like ‘back in the day’. If counter...
  • Outdoor Cooking
    What used to be trendy, is now almost a daily event – grilling out. No longer just something you do for picnics, grill...
  • Purchase Appliances Direct
    Find great prices on ovens, cooktops, stoves, microwaves, washers, dryers, dishwashers and many other appliances. Go...
  • Refrigeration and Freezers
    It used to be luxury for a family to have more than one refrigerator or freezer. Nowadays, it’s becoming more of a...
  • Retro and Specialty Appliances
    Are you trying to recreate June Cleaver’s pristine kitchen? Maybe the early 19th century style is what you’re looking...
  • Rick's Tips
    Rick, the founder of, gives you expert advice and tips based on over 35 years of experience as a hands...
  • Room Air Conditioners & Dehumidifiers
    Haven’t found the right combination when it comes to comfort? Maybe it’s too hot, or too cold? Your comfort is...
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