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Maselli Construcion Co., Inc.

Maselli Construction Photo

For nearly 60 years, Maselli Construction, located in Fairlawn, Ohio, has carried on a tradition of quality residential construction in the Summit County and great Akron  area. Tom Maselli founded the company in 1947. Tom's sons, Tim and Rick  incorporated the company in 1992, and Tim owns and operates the company today. The company specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling, room additions and all facets of home remodeling.   

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  Foundation and Drains

Moisture is the enemy! Choosing the wrong foundation or drains for a home can be a nightmare just waiting to happen. Did you even know there were ‘types’ of foundations – concrete block vs poured concrete? Foundations consist of the footer, gravel, concrete mix, block, drain system, waterproofing and more.

So, where do you start to make sure that you secure a solid, waterproof foundation that won't break the bank? Take a look at what we have to offer here and you will be come educated about foundations, footers and drains and then whether you are going to hire a contractor or do the job yourself, you can rest assured that your new home or room addition will have a good foundation.

Check out the websites listed below and educate yourself and find which option is the best one.

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    The pros: poured concrete walls are said to be much stronger and more water resistant than cinder block. The con:...
  • Rick's Tips
    Rick, the founder of, gives you expert advice and tips based on over 35 years of experience as a hands...
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