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Maselli Construcion Co., Inc.

Maselli Construction Photo

For nearly 60 years, Maselli Construction, located in Fairlawn, Ohio, has carried on a tradition of quality residential construction in the Summit County and great Akron  area. Tom Maselli founded the company in 1947. Tom's sons, Tim and Rick  incorporated the company in 1992, and Tim owns and operates the company today. The company specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling, room additions and all facets of home remodeling.   

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  Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Choosing the right make and style of cabinet doors is very important. In most kitchens, they’re the first thing people see because they’re at eye level. And cabinet drawers? There never seems to be enough space, no matter how big the room. Check out these options and find the perfect match for your room size.

One way to update a kitchen is to focus on the cabinets. If you can't afford new cabinets or just don't want to go through the mess of replacing your existing ones, then how about giving your cabinets a face lift? One way you can do this is to get all new doors and drawer fronts and add new cabinet hardware. By matching the stained or painted color of the cabinet boxes and finishing the doors and cabinet drawer fronts to match, you will have a new, updated kitchen in no time.

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